May Day Giveaway! (Singapore only)


I’ve gotten 50 awesome experiences on Carousell in the past 3.5 years since I’ve joined the marketplace – Singapore’s answer to eBay meets Instagram.

Thank you, followers, Carou-sellers, and Carou-buyers alike! ❤

Also – (3 other random reasons why)
Re: #13ReasonsWhy – I’ve not watched this on Netflix yet. Don’t spoil it for me!

  • May Day Giveaway has a catchy ring to it. (Right?!)

  • It’s Kindness Day in Singapore come Friday, May 19th 2017

    (The date I’ve decided to announce winners. Woots!)

  • And let’s face it – everyone loves contests.

    I LOVE CONTESTS! AND FREEBIES. And unashamedly so!

    #noshameinsavingmoney ❤

To celebrate, I’ve decided to give away a Beauty Spatula from Every Drop worth SG$10 to 3 lucky winners!



I bought a number of these and paid for the shipping from US to SG via VPost.
Sharing the love since I have more to give! ❤

What’s a Beauty Spatula?
If you’re a cost-conscious beauty consumer like I am, you’d find this a lifesaver reason to celebrate saving money – with this tiny stick, I’ve experienced the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve gotten the MAXIMUM utility of pricey beauty store potions e.g. my Lancome, Dior / Chanel liquid foundations & Laneige moisturizer with the tiniest of bottle openings… and couldn’t take the ridiculously low yield of tipping them upside down anymore. 

You scrape the insides clean — aiyah just try it and you can thank me later.

If you’re residing in Singapore, and a Carousell user, read on!
[If you’re not based in the same country as I am, sorry! I might do something else for you next time! :o)]

To qualify for the raffle:


  1. FOLLOW me on Carousell – @charmainef
    If you’re an existing follower, GREAT. One less thing to do. Haha!
  2. LIKE ❤ all 7 items I have on sale at the moment (including the Giveaway listing)
  3. COMMENT in the Giveaway listing:
    “Pick me! _________”
    Let me know how your life will be changed with the Beauty Spatula.
    Or what you’d do with it once you’ve gotten it! Just share a reason to pick you haha


  • Open to Singaporean residents who are legitimate, active Carousell users – and with at least a +1 review.
  • All 3 steps must be fulfilled for your entry to count!
  • Contest runs 29 April – 17 May 2017 (11:59PM GMT+8H)
  • Winners will be picked via, and announced by 19 May 2017.
  • Friends, family and co-workers of mine – you can try your luck if you wish to since it’s determined by – Haha! May the odds be ever in your favour. (See what I did there!)
  • Lastly – I reserve the rights to reallocate prizes should there be any form of unkindness (Hello – Kindness Day?) or silly requests / comments.
    (e.g. “Can you come to my house / office and deliver this personally?” “Nope. Kthxbai!”).

    And no, I’m not pulling an ultra late April Fool prank with this one 🙂

p.s. if you are keen on any of my items, the secret code word to a 20% discount for the month of May 2017 is ‘YAY50‘ on all items, excluding the Micke workstation from IKEA – (it’s my Boss’!) – thanks for reading all the way til the end! x

Good luck, have fun & #BeKind!



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