Vlog #1: Creative Insomnia

(70 seconds of my rapid-fire talking)

Hello, world! 

I’m bursting with ideas and positivity right now (part fuelled by inspiration, and likely adrenaline from the lack of sleep…). 

This hasn’t happened in an extended period of time, so I do feel grateful, thankful and joyful…!

I’m glad I mustered the courage to start putting my thoughts and ideas into spoken words and a video – somehow, this feels a little more real than the intents in my head…? 

Passing on positive vibes and I hope you’ll have an amazing day ahead!

p. s. Say hello if you’ve seen this too!

p. p. s. Does my voice sound weird?? 😶

p. p. p. s. Super random – I re-downloaded my blog apps and this combination just came up. Ha!


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