Giving and receiving love in many forms

With a week to go til V-Day, there’s still some time yet to plan the special dinner, romantic experience or gift you’d like to share with your valentine.

But, what if you could have a thoughtful valentine’s?

I spent under 5 minutes completing an interactive survey on The 5 Love Languages site in a bid to understand my “modes” or languages of love better simply because, as my manicurist Cathy once said, “Your “style” may not be the same as his.” –
i.e. your approach to decision-making/communication may or may not be perceived in the exact same way by your partner.

Whatever your love language may be, here’re some gift suggestions for the special occasion  🙂 –

Happy Valentine's Day!

1. Custom love coupons – be creative with the “gifts” you’ve to offer, or even better, give your valentine a blank coupon for him/her to decide! (All languages of love can be expressed here!)
2. Horseback riding – appreciate the great outdoors with your Valentine and gentle animal companions (Quality Time)
3. A trip to the amusement park / a weekend trip to a vineyard or B&B – is your valentine a thrill-seeker, or someone who prefers a quiet weekend getaway? (Quality Time, Receiving Gifts)
4. A massage at a day spa, or a DIY session at home with this JimmyJane candle will be uber relaxing! (Physical touch, Acts of Service)
5. Customised mementoes of your favourite moments together (Receiving gifts)
6. A tabletop art of a significant quote can be a powerful source of encouragement (Words of Affirmation)
7. Homemade dinner/sweet treat – you could turn this into a couple’s cooking activity, or surprise your valentine with a meal made by yourself! (Quality time / Acts of Service)
8. Essie nail varnishes are happy little pops of colour that are instant mood-lifters, especially between standing manicure appointments 😉 (Receiving gifts)
9. Pick a movie together with your Valentine, pop some corn and enjoy a cosy night in, away from the crowds! (Quality time)
10. A coat (or poncho in this case!) is like a hug that’s draped around you to keep you nice and cosy – wouldn’t this be a neat and practical gift idea as well? 🙂 (Receiving gifts)

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂


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