Water Park Weekend!

… Nope, we didn’t end up at Universal Studios Singapore!

It all came together too quickly – I realised last week that I had 2 passes to Adventure Cove, and some friends had decided to head over on Saturday.

With just 2 days’ notice, I was so glad M was able to join us – and since it was her birthday a few days before, I decided to give her a treat. (Happy birthday again… Yay!)

It was a swell day at the park, being tourists in our own country!
The sunny weather held up all of Saturday and we appreciated the respite from a week of showers and thunderstorms.

Word to the wise:

1. Do your homework – check out the promotions page for discounts on admission passes (Until 31 Mar 2015, you save $11 on online pass purchases!) and while you’re at it, wouldn’t hurt to see what AccuWeather has to say about the weather to make sure you’re all set for your day of fun in the sun!

2. As mom would say – SPF’s important for all outdoor activities… unless the classic boiled lobster is the look you’re going for.

A water-resistant sun spray’s recommended – a single application before we hit the water offered us coverage for 5 hours!

3. Don’t miss out on photo/video ops!

Bring along a GoPro camera, or get a waterproof case for your digital camera/phone ahead of your visit to the water park.

Caving in to convenience, we paid twice of what we deemed a sensible price for one from the gift store. >.<

But, we did take more than a few happy snaps from M’s encased iPhone 6 which made us feel less sorry for ourselves –

Can you tell how glad I was to be in the water? (EXTREMELY.)

Here’s a we-fie of all 5 of us – we weren’t great at this; and we clogged up the entire waterway while we were at it.

…Until a kind soul helped us with this, but some of us just weren’t sure where to look at.

Wasn’t the most pleased to be in the picture with these river fishes!

This one’s a real charmer, though! ❤

See how it’s all smiles, all the time?

My favourite video of the day has to be my jump into the 4m plunge pool, made extra dramatic in Slo-Mo!
(Ooh, this feature’s such a compelling reason for me to get an iPhone 6 now. Heh!)



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