Next stop: New York!

Credit: Ray Gasnick / Google Images

The girl on the go is going to be dazzled by the bright lights of the Big Apple!

I’ve always aspired to work and live in this metropolitan state — a hub for financial activity and a vibrant creative scene with food, fun and fashion; the origins of advertising’s Golden Age, any many more.

It’ll be a nice (read: long) road-trip circuit with stops in Philly, DC, Niagara Falls (we’ll be touring both the US and Canadian sides!), Boston, Montreal, Quebec City and others.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t max out my credit cards on on the first day with Woodbury Commons being the second stop on the first day – I shall make every effort to resist the allures of shopping. Hum hum!

Ooh! And I’ll definitely have to start a regime to accommodate the calories during the trip. Cheesecake, cheeseburgers, cronuts, cupcakes, Shake Shack, Boston lobsters, pizzas and everything in between, here I come!


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