Our ideal living room

Source: West Elm

Because mon copain and I are gradually taking certain steps towards a future together, we are house-hunting!

Since the reality of owning our first home together will require 2 – 3 years with public housing regulations, building our savings and other administrative bits and bobs, dreaming thinking of ideal interiors in a focused manner motivates us to work towards a more specific, attainable and hopefully, realistic target.

It’s great that we are mostly aligned – discovering the similarity of our tastes was a pleasant surprise as we got to know each other a little better during the early days of our relationship. : ) (We do so like the items from West Elm and Crate & Barrel… Aside from the stunning price tags, what’s not to like?)

For inspiration, I turn to sites like Apartment Therapy and a few blogs I follow on Tumblr as well as Pinterest and Instagram as they house great pictures to save and are shared by friends and influencers alike all around the world.

I’m pleased that I do have clarity about what I want in my future apartment now. Yay!

For this post, I’ll focus on the living room, because it is the first space everyone will experience once they walk through the entrance of most homes.

Besides the prominence due to layout, it will also be the place where we and our guests will spend the bulk of our time awake (reading the papers, work, play…). A host at heart, I will expect to entertain friends and family with themed nights in like game night, movie night, poker night, girls’ night, among many others. : )

My brief to the interior designer (or myself!) is likely to include buzzwords like:

  1. RoominessThe goal: minimalist, understated elegance paired with strategic space planning.With fewer items in the room, that likely translates to spending less on purchases, fewer dust traps to keep up with and a fighting chance at eradicating clutter – the last of which I’m likeliest to be susceptible to, given the unfortunate state of affairs at the workplace and my bedroom! Oops.
    This image stopped our hearts for a while – clean lines, plenty of light and the space.

    Apartment with a view – love the high ceiling and natural light of this home.
  2. A open plan with modular furnitureThere’ll be lots of moving around for game nights and house parties!
  3. ComfortableI’m partial to the palette of complementary colours in Benjamin Moore’s muted neutrals or the denser pastels.
Credit: Benjamin Moore Paints
Benjamin Moore in Pewter Revere

Adjustable lighting and some aromatherapy implements e. g. scented candles or a humidifier-diffuser will complete the experience!

Sources of living room inspiration we’d like to channel include:

What will your dream living room look like?


3 thoughts on “Our ideal living room

    1. Why, thank you, Arielle! I’m glad to hear from you, and that you found inspiration here – you have a beautifully designed blog that’s always kept fresh with well-written updates. =)

      To your continued success!


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