Sigrid’s Carrot Cake with Charmaine’s Lemon-Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting


Once again, I do so apologize for the lack of updates.

Work and life has gotten the better of me, with the weekly French lessons, constant stream of work events, a new puppy and time with my amour! : )

Incidentally, this post was inspired by my love’s birthday cake — a handmade carrot cake with my very own lemon-vanilla cream cheese frosting!

The idea of baking the birthday cake was much more tantalizing than the actual deed of baking it – a rather tedious process requiring 3 days’ of work, as I was left with little time between work and post-work lessons/dates to plan this surprise.

Day 1 involved the baking of the cakes – I used Sigrid’s carrot cake (recipe from Pioneer Woman here) for a tried and tested cake base, split the batter into 2 pans and baked them at 180 deg Celsius for 50 minutes each.

Day 2 saw me making my own frosting, sandwiching both cakes and covering the eventual cake with a generous pouring of frosting!

Day 3 was the easiest bit – ensuring my pecans were roughly broken into big, chunky bits and individually embedded into the sides of the cake. It does feel like cobblestone paving for the most part!

Later on, we all enjoyed the best bit – digging in. Had great reviews from the birthday boy and the rest of our guests. Hooray!

Here’re the steps of the cake-making to eating… Have a sweet week ahead!


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