Beautiful Krabi – Aonang; Day One

In the midst of the heaps of parties planned, I managed to squeeze a short get-away to quaint Krabi with a like-minded friend from school who’d also really liked the idea of a beach vacation! (Hurrah – ‘twas my 2nd trip to the land of smiles this year!)

Right after we had gone past the immigration clearance, we were whisked away by our friendly driver, Ost, in a roomy MPV for 10, though there was just the 2 of us.

During the 20-minute commute from the airport, we drove past quite a number of resorts that could have made the cut – but the minute we got out of the van, we were so glad that we’d went with our decision to stay at Aonang Phu Petra Resort:

Aonang Phu Petra
Serenity, peace & tranquillity epitomized.

With the warm hospitality, clean and comfy villa and of course the breath-taking hill-side view, I was more than happy to be lost in this little tropical paradise for the weekend.

Right after we’d unpacked and settled in, we got really hungry and opted to dine at the resort’s restaurant – Pad Thai (the quintessential savoury flat rice noodle dish) for her and Gai Pad Krapow (Holy basil and chicken stir-fry) with rice for me!

Gai Pad Krapow
This was really tasty.

And with our stomachs filled, we were set to explore the touristy town area on foot! It was nice that the resort has hourly shuttles scheduled to town and we happily bounced in though I suspect the both of us secretly feared that a sudden stop could’ve just tossed us both out of the truck…
I kid – the Thais are really careful and courteous drivers!  : )

Our first stop: 7-11 to grab some bottled water!

I embarrass myself at the amount of joy I derive from browsing supermarket racks back home in Singapore (Imagine a girl in her twenties getting into her zone; turning super quiet and wide-eyed as she takes the visual and copy information in of cookies, milk and whatnots).

… and alas, I had unwittingly lost myself in the aisles of Thai toiletries, snacks, foods and other items at this convenience store – the merchandise mix and package designs were so interesting! When she finally caught up with me, I was in disbelief when I was looking at a tower of cultured milk drinks – Yakult! In larger formats and more flavours! And they were priced so reasonably, I was positively addicted. (Well, more so coconuts than the cultured milk drink in this trip, really but heh!)

Cultured milk drinks galore!
That’s quite the variety of cultured milk drinks, wouldn’t you agree?

Being the spontaneous travel birds, we hadn’t planned an itinerary – so we relished the process of discovering Krabi town at our own pace – the little art galleries in the alleys, the beach, massage parlours (we went to one for a good THB200 massage where we both fell asleep!), souvenir stores and boutiques. We also managed to book ourselves an amazing day trip to some neighbouring islands.

More on that in the next post! In the meantime, I leave you with some pictures of our moments at the beach : )

IMG_8161 IMG_8162 IMG_8170 IMG_8171 IMG_8173


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Krabi – Aonang; Day One

  1. Looks like you stayed at a very nice place there. I stayed on Railay Beach last year.. Krabi is beautiful with the limestone cliffs and jungles! Missing Thailand so much right now.


    1. Hi there! Yes, I really enjoyed my stay. I’d like to see more of Thailand; Railay Beach, limestone rock-climbing, more of Maya Bay and the likes on my itinerary for sure.

      Thanks for stopping by to say hey – have a lovely day (or evening!) : )

      – Charmaine


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