Things that inspire!

Things that inspire! (24 June, 2013)

Hi again! It’s been a while since I last wrote but I’ve decided to resume the bi-weekly posts habit, lest work and distractions get the better of me.

Theme of today’s post: what’s been inspiring me this week!

1) Pop colors!

Perhaps it’s because we’re in the heat of summer* and Instagrammers and Pinners alike are sharing trends in a similar grain, I’ve been drawn to pastels and bright, bold bubblegum types of colors.

At my last visit to the nail salon, I opted for a lilac (Steady As She Rose, OPI) and a bubblegum blue (Gumdrop, ORLY) for les mains et pieds, respectively; though the latter garnered more compliments than the former, being a greater deviation from the usual color suspects of dark, brooding Burgundy or the safer, muted neutrals.

2) Sandals!

What better time of the year to flash your purdy toenails than summer? Between the comfy thong sandals and sassy peep-toe heels, I’ve found my new love this summer in the single strap sandal. Versatile enough to be dressed up and/or down when paired with the right items, it was a definite buy when I spied a pair on sale at Forever 21; at SGD29, it was an utter steal. The lines of the featured design from Prabal Gurung collab with Target are closest to what I consider the ideal sandal – pity I didn’t get a pair when it was released though, sigh!

3) A nugget of wisdom

A quote I’ve heard at a recent workshop I was facilitating – touché, especially in the society today where most heads are seen bent over smart devices than spending quality face-to-face communicating.

4) The Great Gatsby

I’ve said this to anyone who’d hear me and I’ll say this again a hundred times over: Baz Luhrmann is an artist. Critics can say all they want about the fidelity or the lack thereof to the book but I was lost in the Jazz era envisioned and brought to screen by the man. The same can be said about the way Moulin Rouge captivated me completely, and still has its hold on me, almost a decade on.

I was inspired by the visual appeals of the glitzy, golden, glamorous fashion of the 20’s and maybe even the bacchanalia that went on then, despite the satire dripping from the book. I’ve caught myself wondering what it might’ve or would’ve been like, had I lived in that era but I reckon I’ve lived vicariously through the immersive experience of the film. : )

Heaps of love til the next time!

*Welllllll, one could argue that we experience summer year-round being smack on the Equator, or that seasons don’t work the same way in the Southern Hemisphere…. But I’m operating on the Northern Summer schedule apparently, so didgeridoo to that. :p


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