The giant reading room

Credit: Brooke Astor’s legendary red lacquer library. Illustration by Mita Corsini Bland

Despite the proliferation of information and digital books and magazine, I’m still pretty old-school when it comes to reading — I love the experience of feeling the various grammage of paper media, am mesmerized by every print advertisement or graphic in full colour – can’t shake off my affinity with communications and media now, can I? ; )

Oddly enough, at times, even the smell of paper -yep, you’ve read that right!-  (Some advertisers in the US magazines have some samples of perfumes included in their magazine inserts via lift-and-sniff tabs) makes me happy!

Being a rather avid reader (I visit the library almost fortnightly), I don’t think I show my public library enough love, so here goes!

Why I love the library:
Besides being a treasure trove of tomes across various genres from self-help books to novels (including the less-intense chick lit types) and others, our library’s also pretty advanced in its membership services, granting members access to online journals and other online resources.

Current issues of many publications I’d otherwise spend too much money on are readily available, including Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Better Homes & Garden, US Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, etc.

Admittedly… I’m not one of the most responsible library users — I might be a tad tardy when it comes to making good on loans! But it helps that they’ve a few useful options I have — the text/email reminder service (frequency of reminders is fully customizable & amendable anytime, to avoid spam!) and the ability to renew loaned items online!

Favourite reads:
a. Magazines – Martha Stewart Living (I’m already an iPad subscriber but I do enjoy reading back-dated issues too!), BHG, Interior Design
b. Self-help section – Cookery, home improvement and the likes
c. Design & business management / strategy

What are some of your favourite reads, both online and offline?


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