Where my happiness means the world

Click to read about the chain's rebranding efforts (in French!)
Credit: Club Méditerranée & Senses Makers

… Club Med! Is there any other place with a tagline just as sweet?

It’s the ultimate get-away for me because:

– You never have to worry about anything at all and are very well looked-after.
– You get to meet lots of fun-loving, out-going,  fun people from all around the world!
(No oddballs as yet…  fingers crossed!)
– The food’s lovely, non-premium alcohol’s free-flow, all-day – there’s always food served at any time.

Hello, pina colada.

– You party all day and all night long with the Club Med-exclusive Crazy Signs mass dances, nightly themed
performances and club nights.
– Most day activities are covered in the packaged cost.

Elephant-sniffing and scaring
The ladies looking a little off…
Hanging out

– The staff (GO’s) make the experience so unique and memorable, even when you repeat visits within the same quarter… like I did in 2011! (They can and will make things unique so you’ll make the most of every trip!)

Happy (and chubby!) times.

With less than 6 hours to my flight and my bags completely unpacked, I think I should really get started… or some sleep, at least!

Can’t wait to sip my pina coladas and the rest of the cocktails, say hello to the crew of GO’s I’ve grown to know and love and get immersed in the world of Club Med.

Toodles for now and have a Blessed Easter!


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