Chocolate Caramel Day!

If you can't find it in stores, make it yourself!
Credit: Epiphany Events

Happy chocolate caramel day!

It’s the best day to put your diet on a hold and enjoy a bite of Millionaire Shortbread or other gooey caramel-infused cocoa goodness.

I was happily snacking on Belgian dark chocolate squares sans the caramel goodness, courtesy of my friend, M who had hand carried the artisanal Alex & Alex gems from Brussels — lucky me!

Credit: NABISCO & PikPok

Separately, if you haven’t already tried Oreo’s twist, lick, dunk game — you should!

I’ve had it downloaded it on my iPad and it’s good fun with a simple premise… and you get to learn a little bit of trivia about the origins and history of Oreo flavours. (Though I can’t guarantee you won’t be craving cookies with a glass of milk soon…!)

Credit: NABISCO & NY Times

… which brings to mind another great OREO creation in 2012: the Daily Twist — a 100-day log of OREO cookies in creative depictions to commemorate cultural events and milestones.

The campaign was developed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our favourite chocolate-vanilla cookie!

I’ll leave you with a little trivia for today – did you know that NABISCO, the brand owner of the Oreo cookie brand, was actually the abbreviated form of the  ‘National Biscuit Company’? I didn’t… till I read up a bit more on Oreos last year! : )


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Caramel Day!

    1. Hello and thanks for stopping by… And liking my blog enough to follow me!

      Italy’s a lovely place, I’ve heard!

      Tasted your rich cuisine, met your warm and loving people but I’ve never been to your wonderful country… Hope to be there in the future! 🙂

      Your cheery greeting just made my evening a whole lot brighter…
      Enjoy your day!



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